WHY A COLLaboration with expect more international makes sense when it comes to world class skills development...

It is time to expect more!


It is time to expect more - and to empower more! We are covering "the extra mile"! We question traditional solutions, innovate and improve them. We strive for growth, securing the future for us, and for our communities, by investing in education.


The primary goal of "expect more international" is

  • to promote and anchor skills development nationally and internationally
  • to initiate and empower skills development (education for all) to be rated as a top priority
  • to ensure that young professionals get the opportunity and the necessary skills
  • to enable leaders and managers to apply their social and emotional competenes effectively as well
    as to develop their entrepeneruial thinking, behavior and action




Qualified and motivated employees

Through our support, you will be able to recruit, employ and develop well skilled employees, thus being able to secure a future for them (selves) and their families.

Skills Skills development
vocational and professional education and training programmes bring an incredible gain for many regions and countries around the world.  Poverty will be reduced, abilities are created to earn own money and skilled people will be able to compete within the labour market.

National advantage

Countries with VET and PET-systems have a higher productivity, advantages in technical research and development, a lower unemployment rate, higher prosperity, a higher innovation power as well as a more stable and powerful economy.


Best Practice / Role Models

You will profit from best practices from the best skills development programs in the world. Our experience and our access to Swiss skills development networks will be of utmost importance to deliver the education fitting best to your learners / pupils.


Worldwide Network

You will profit from our worldwide network,  through our contacts to the Swiss government, authorities, institutions, Swiss universities (and universities of applied science) as well as from our projects and deliveries outside of Switzerland.


Economic Development / Prosperity 

By building up the relevant personal, vocational and professional skills within a country, you will improve the quality of locally produced products and delivered services, enabling all partners and companies to increase their turnover, becoming innovative, successful and, therefore, reaching the ability to invest in the future.