Our Services are especially tailored for the objectives and challenges of our target groups; i.e. politics / ministries, education (schools, universities), economy (labor organizations / companies)  and  families.

 1.   Branding / Positioning / Promotion à improve the visibility and impact of your organization / your projects


2.  Curricula / Contents / Program à support development and creation of rules and guidelines with best practices out of


3.  Change mind-sets à we talk to CEO’s as well as communities and families and will play an influential and persuasive part to
     convince them of the need and importance of skills development


4.  Staff / teachers  à create concepts, rules and guidelines to train, select, develop and empower your teachers and staff
     supporting your initiatives


5.   Train the trainer à Strengthen the ability of self-empowerment. We train and educate your key persons to ensure a continuous
      and long lasting implementation of your activities throughout your own organisational power


6.   Networking à we provide you with best practice cases out of our worldwide network, to connect you to relevant people and to
      move you and your projects forward


7.   Identify chances à we assist you in developing and evaluating the best business opportunities for your future entrepreneurs.
      We secure positive results by guiding you and your entrepreneurs as sparring partners and/or mentors


8.   Conceptual work à we support you to initiate, develop and establish concepts and projects enabling successful skills
      development programs across the country


9.   Round tables, key notes and platforms à we initiate and lead sessions to foster and to discuss skills development subjects. We
      are personally available for key notes to boost attention for skills development in general. In addition we are moderators /
      facilitators as well as participators to question and answer skills development issues or to explain the dual track education
      systems of middle European countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany).


Additional Offerings