Evers + Geiger + Grebien are experienced project leaders, managers, consultants and sparring partners for companies, organisations and individuals. We all have about 25 years of experience within a broad range of industries, on a national and international level.

Our vaste experience in leadership, corporate and individual development, project management as well as vocational and professional education and training are focussed on value creation.

We are convinced that vocational and professional education, training and development is key for succesful companies and - as a consequence - for a country's successful economy.  Motivated young talents are the source, are "the plancton" of life, prosperity and outstanding performance in the future. 

We are prepared to get measured within the three fields of cooperation:


Business Economist ZHaW, FLMI, Coach
Business Economist ZHaW, FLMI, Coach

Bruno Geiger

Phone +41 (0)79 371 37 76              



Bruno Geiger is an entrepreneur, sparring partner, project manager, strategy consultant, trainer and motivator, boasting many years of experience in international management and senior corporate positions across various types of industries. He supports and leads change processes in corporate and project development scenarios while also specializing in quality and innovation management. He mobilizes, motivates and links people, injecting perceptible, precisely targeted momentum into all corporate processes. He builds bridges by combining entrepreneurial - out of the box - thinking with innovative approaches to day-to-day corporate practice.


Supply Chain and Change Manager
Supply Chain and Change Manager

Bert Evers

Phone +41 (0)79 102 55 81



Bert Evers is a results-focused, can-do leader committed to tackling complex assignments and project implementations. He owes his success to his remarkable organizational talents, his persistence, and his ability to lead and motivate people of the most diverse kind. His exceptional empathy, rapid and incisive grasp of situations, networked thinking, social skills, personal engagement, and goals-aligned implementations are a guarantee of success for any potential client.



Management Coach, Brand/Marketing Expert
Management Coach, Brand/Marketing Expert

Sabine Grebien

Phone +41 (0)79 366 46 86



Sabine’s credentials include many years of senior management experience in globally operating companies, where she specializes in brand development, brand stewardship, business- and marketing strategies and their realization – mostly on international projects. Further strengths include the deployment of value-added strategies and the (re)positioning of global brands, products and services. She offers extensive, implementation-led experience in the oversight of change processes, acting as a sparring partner to management and intercultural teams. She builds strong ties between functional expertise and social competences. Backing this up are motivational and impact-based HR diagnostics together with in-house seminars and workshops designed to promote a performance-driven culture and to foster a positive climate for continuing professional business development.